A Baltimore Tradition since 1927

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It’s The All New
“Fells Point Bar Employees and Friends
Duckpin Charity Challenge”
At Patterson Bowling Center
Are You Up For It?

You Can Help Raise Money For Your Bar’s Favorite Charity
And Have A “Flexibly” Great Time Too.

Here’s How:

Form “Your Best Bowling Bar Team” To Raise Money
For Your Favorite Charity:

Represent your bar and compete to win a charitable donation for your cause. Whether it be national, local or a personal charity. It’s your choice as a team.

Bowl for 15 short weeks as a team any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday you want. Any time we’re open. Starting Monday September 24th.

$20 per week per person includes: 3 games of bowling, rental shoes and charity fund.
Handicaps will be 90%. We’ll explain that when you call us; it’s just a system that makes sure that people can compete with better skilled players

Just Call Us In Advance When You Want To Come In And Bowl 410 675 1011
… Always BYOB (beer and wine only please)

Its Pizza Bowl Time
Starts Thursday Septemeber 13th at 8:30pm
Join our all-new, always - fun Pizza Bowl program for

  • 13 fun weeks
  • get a FREE pizza for you and three of your friends every week.
  • The program starts on Thursday evening at 830pm, September 13.
  • Always BYOB (beer or wine only, please)

And if you're not happy after the first week, we'll give you your money back. Guaranteed because we want you to be happy and not hungry!

It’s the Wish You Were Beer League 

BYOB and join the fun every Sunday night at 7pm starts Sunday  September 23rd.

Mark your calendars, call to reserve your space and BYOB for some Sunday PHUN!!

Our All New Adult Youth Duckpin Sports Team Ball League.
Starts Sunday October 7th At 2pm

Would you or your youngsters like to have your very own Ravens, Orioles or other "sports teams duckpin ball with your favorite team's logo to use? (That's a $150 value!!) because coming soon is our all new adult child have a duckpin ball and we don't want you to be left out. It will be 11 weeks long and just $24.95 per team* for two-games of bowling each. Each team will consist of one adult and one child. and if you're not happy after your first week, we'll give you your money back. Guaranteed. Because we want you to have fun

*If you don’t want a sports team duckpin ball, you can join the program for just $21.95 per team